Just over a year ago I had a partial knee operation by robotic surgery. I am very pleased with the result of this. It causes no problem to walk 3 -4 miles sometimes over rough ground. I get an occasional ache from it but that is nothing compared with the previous pain. All in all a very worthwhile operation.

Following my full MAKO Assisted total right hip replacement (Exeter Trident) on 21 May 2019 (see my posting on ‘I want great care’ 15 July 2019 patient at Nuffield Hospital Cambridge), I am now doubly indebted to Mr Andrew Carrothers for carrying out exactly the same procedure on my left hip.

Once again his straightforward advice to consider a second operation as soon as medically appropriate in order to prevent gradually worsening symptoms developing into a full painful and debilitating condition has proved wise counselling.

I had the operation on my left hip on 07 October 2019 and following my discharge 3 days later my recovery has followed the same positive progress as previously – transition from frame to crutches after a week, using 1 crutch only for a further 3 weeks then walking without assistance from then on.

To have two such operations within 6 months of each other in my 83rd year and now to be able to walk normally pain free and with everything in alignment is fantastic. A true testament to Mr Carrothers great care, skill as a surgeon and total commitment to ensuring that I had the best possible surgical outcome in order to return to a pain free active life.

Mr Carrothers understood my desire to be able to return to playing tennis and offered me option of either robotic assisted partial, or full knee replacement and explained the pros and cons of both. This led to me choosing robotic assisted partial knee replacement

Mr. Andrew Carrothers performed my Mako robotic-arm assisted Total Hip Arthroplasty exactly a year ago. I sincerely doubt I would have received more attentive care or a better outcome with any other Orthopaedic surgeon.

On a psychological level I am always aware of….and grateful for….the artificial hip joint. I actually revere it. On a physical level it feels comfortable, strong, and functions extremely well. My tennis playing is better than ever.

Mr. Andrew Carrothers is an exceptional human being in so many ways. I feel fortunate to have been his patient.

I am 65 years old and had been suffering from pain and a lack of mobility in my left hip for 2-3 years. Having consulted with my GP, we decided that I had to take it to the next stage and to consult an expert. The initial consultation with Mr Carrothers quickly confirmed that a hip replacement was the only viable option. His straightforward and competent explanation gave me the confidence to go ahead. Having done some prior research and in discussion with Mr Carrothers,

I opted for the MAKO robotic arm assisted surgery which aims to be less invasive and to facilitate a quicker recovery. The operation was done on 23 September at the Nuffield Hospital in Cambridge. 4 weeks later, as I am writing this, I have a high degree of mobility, can walk a couple of km unaided and am back driving, much to the relief of my wife!

I have to say that everyone that I came into contact with during this process, admin (Carol), nursing staff, porters, pharmacists and physiotherapists and other clinical staff showed total professionalism and empathy and were always on hand to answer questions and allay fears.

I would highly recommend Mr Carrothers and his team and if there is the option of utilising the MAKO system, go for it. It worked for me!

Mr Carrothers is a brilliant consultant and all round top bloke! He sorted me out with a new left hip in July 2019 and he’s all the things that the other reviews say – kind, empathetic, reassuring and excellent at orthopaedic surgery.

He explained things in a clear, uncomplicated way, answered all my questions and was just lovely and calming in our chat the morning of my operation.

Big up to Carol too! And all the Hip Op Crew who work with him to make wonderful things happen.

Please note, 7 week post-surgery you may experience such side-effects as a ridiculous amount of smiling and all-round joy at not being in pain 🙂 PS – I’d been in chronic pain for over 5 years before I had my surgery and I was 42 years old at the time of my hip replacement. I wish you all the very best in whatever your next steps are to help improve your quality of life. If you do decide to have surgery, Mr Carrothers is the very best!

Read the preceding patient reviews and it is obvious Mr. Andrew Carrothers is an outstanding surgeon at the pinnacle of his field of expertise. I had my robotic-arm assisted THA surgery in mid November 2018. I imagine most major surgery has it’s trials and tribulations. These aside, the foremost question is…… “How does the artificial hip joint feel and function?” 12 hours post procedure I was upright and bearing weight on the hip….it was quite astonishing how strong and natural the hip and leg felt. 3 months on, the implant is coping extremely well with all the activities I enjoyed before osteoarthritis incapacitated me. Mr Andrew Carrothers is smartly dressed, charming and unpretentious in manner. Very straight forward and easy to converse with. It is apparent he is dedicated to doing the very best he can. A truly special person.

Mr Carrothers has put the smile back on my face. I first saw Mr Carrothers in January 2019 after several years of limping and pain. He straight away filled me with confidence, he went through my options with me. I chose to have a MAKO Medial Uni knee replacement which is performed with the assistance of a robot. Post op I stopped using my crutches 5 days after the operation I could not believe how fast I improved 4 weeks on and I have returned to work every one can not believe how well I am doing. I would fully recommend robotic surgery. Thank you to Mr Carrothers for giving me my life back.

I had a partial knee replacement under Mr Andrew Carrothers at Nuffield Hospital Cambridge. The operation was Robotic assisted surgery and went very well under the proficient care of such an experienced surgeon. The aftercare at the hospital was excellent. I have been very pleased with the outcome of the operation. The operation has taken longer to recover from than I expected, but I think I should have asked more questions about the recovery aspect beforehand. I have been glad of the follow up appointments with Mr Carrothers

I had a total hip replacement in early April and the whole experience was excellent. I do not know how he managed to replace my hip through such a small incision in my flank, but it has healed beautifully. At 6 weeks I am now walking with neither crutches nor sticks. I need only ordinary painkillers, and have been cleared by Mr Carrothers to drive, swim and garden when I am ready to. I cannot adequately describe my transformation but to mis-quote, “Now is the winter of our disability made glorious summer…”