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Mako Robotic Arm Assisted Hip Surgery or Bespoke Custom-Made Hip Implants

A hip replacement is a life-changing procedure. If you are in severe pain from a degenerative condition like osteoarthritis or if you suffer a serious hip fracture, having joint replacement surgery can alleviate pain and help you to regain movement in the damaged joint. This can make a significant difference to your quality of life,…

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Why Prehabilitation is Crucial if You’re Waiting for Surgery

Patients are waiting longer for surgery since the pandemic – and sometimes significantly longer. A report commissioned by Independent Age – Patiently Waiting – examined the experience of older people waiting for surgery. It points to the fact that 5.6 million people are currently waiting for hospital treatment but warns that the actual picture could…

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The Benefit of Custom Made Hip Implants

While hip replacement surgery is now a routine operation, the procedure is constantly being revised and updated, with new advancements as technology advances. Andrew Carrothers, consultant orthopaedic and military surgeon, uses Symbios custom implants or MAKO robotic arm-assisted surgery to provide the best possible outcomes for patients. In this blog we explore the benefit of…

Treatment Pioneered by Andrew Carrothers Gives Movement to Cancer Patients

Andrew Carrothers Features in Acclaimed TV Series Performing Pioneering Treatment Founder of Carrothers Orthopaedics, Andrew Carrothers showcased his extraordinary surgical skills in the new BBC series of Surgeons: At The Edge of Life. He was performing a combination of operations for cancer patients to help restore mobility. The highly acclaimed BBC series, which features the pioneering…

A Rupture or a Tear – What’s the Difference?

The terms “rupture” and “tear” tend to be used interchangeably when referring to tendon and ligament injuries. But, is there a difference? A tear can be partial or complete. When you experience a complete tear it is, essentially, the same thing as a rupture.

How MAKO Robotic Arm Assisted Surgery is Transforming Total Hip Replacements

MAKO robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery is improving the success of total hip replacements and reducing the risks to patients. While it may seem a bit “space age” to have a robotic arm assisting in your surgery, there are multiple benefits to this new technology that are helping to transform people’s lives.

Could 3D Printing Transform Healthcare and Orthopaedics?

Traditional printing involves laying down an image onto a flat surface. By contrast, 3D printing deposits materials – plastic, metal, ceramic, powders, liquids or even living cells – in layers to create a three-dimensional object. It has been around for nearly three decades but how is it now transforming healthcare?