Carrothers Orthopaedics are specialists in
orthopaedic diagnosis and treatment.
Take the first step
to a pain-free life
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Our comprehensive blog articles are written with you in mind. Providing the guidance
you need to get informed.
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When you have a specialist medical issue,
you deserve specialist medical attention.
Read about our 4-point
patient care philosophy
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Joint pain can hold you back from living a fulfilling life. Diagnosis is the first step so you
can consider treatment options.
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Injuries are understandable for active people. Our specialists can
help you recover.
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Injuries to bones and joints are common. Don’t suffer in silence.
Specialist help is available.
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Minimally invasive hip surgery could
get you back on your feet quicker
Find out more about the
successes of this treatment.
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For you to live an active,
pain free life is your goal and ours.
Seek the specialist
help you deserve.
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